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E-Health / IOT

The Product :

It's a IOT Bracelet (Internet Of Things) analyzing human body mass and performing an impedancemetric weighing (amount of muscle, amount of fat and bone, or bone density). An additional function of the connected object is to measure the hydration rate , either by the organic compounds of sweat (glucose, lactate, potassium, sodium) or by measuring the water content in the body using a infrared spectrometry technology.

The Service :

Remote monitoring, health monitoring and support to prevent undernutrition or dehydration. Once the information is captured via the bracelet, there is transmission and integration into a computer system including smartphone, downloadable application, computers. The data is communicated to a dietician nutritionist who develops a suitable food plan, whether for the independent elderly, caregivers in charge of the preparation of meals or the people concerned in retirement homes. The tips are personalized according to the personal needs for healthy and balanced eating. Files can be shared (dietician, care assistant, nurse, doctor).

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